DADS is a community organisation based in the Redlands Qld supporting Fathers, Veterans and extended family members who are navigating their way through the complexities of Domestic and Family Violence and Family Court proceedings. 

DADS mission is to raise awareness on the broken, gender biased systems and provide advocacy, emotional and practical support to other fathers and families as you experience your own journey.

Whether you’re self-representing or need guidance and information on the Courts process’, support preparing your legal paperwork, support to access mental health services, a Court support person or merely a shoulder to lean on and someone to listen, DADS is here to support you.

It is important that we disclose what we are not.

  • We are not solicitors and cannot offer Legal advice.
  • We are not a counselling service, psychologists or psychiatrists; however, we can support you to access mental health support.
  • We are not Men’s Rights Activists or an organisation that is out to slander or denigrate Women. Unlike many other support services, we will support all genders/demographics however priority will be offered to Fathers first and foremost due to the undeniable lack of support services for Men.
  • We are not politically motivated.

We will not tell you that "we've heard it all before” though there may be similarities, we will not be so insensitive to your individual and very personal situation.  We WILL call or email you back as a matter of priority.

We are currently in the process of becoming a Not-for-Profit organisation so we can expand our services and better support our Fathers and families. In the meantime, we rely on the generous donations to our Go Fund Me from the sale of our merchandise.

We are real people, with lived experience in the Family Court and Domestic and Family Violence systems along with the flow on sectors like Child Safety, Queensland Police and Child Support.

We are Dads Against Discrimination Support (D.A.D.S), and we are here for you.


Australia, 4163


Phone: 0431 862 954